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Our Mission

Flightfield Drone Services, LLC’s mission is to give our clients a friendly, professional, one-of-a-kind experience. Privacy and safety are among our top priorities. One of the most notable services we offer is safety, and it comes free with everything we do. One way we provide this is by using our fleet of sUAs’s, or drones, to inspect roofs, building envelopes, and other structures, keeping employees and homeowners safe on the ground. During our Certified Home Inspection, we can locate overheating conductors and other dangers with our thermal sensors.

At Flightfield Drone Services, LLC we know your safety and investment are important. That is why we offer a FREE Interior Thermal Inspection with every Certified Home Inspection. We strive to give our clients the best deliverables we can. These deliverables can range from a digital 3D model of a structure or stock pile using photogrammetry, to an easy to read, thorough, Home Inspection Report with high resolution photos and videos. Whatever your project may be, Flightfield Drone Services, LLC is here to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with almost any project. 
With Flightfield Drone Services, LLC you can truly “See Your World Differently.” 


See your world differently

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With a list of services, a fleet of sUAS, and a pilot who is trained well beyond the FAA Part 107 requirements. You cannot go wrong with Flightfield Drone Services, LLC. Click the tab below to see our aerial services and “See your world differently”

Thermal Home Inspection

Home Inspections

With a list of services, a couple bags of specialized tools, and a C.P.I. who is a Certified Thermographer. You cannot go wrong with Flightfield Drone Services, LLC. Click the tab below to see our services and “See your world differently”


"David Fiala, and his Flightfield Drone Services, LLC, are fantastic to work with! David is extremely detailed, his videos are second to none, and he delivers exactly what my clients' request. I highly recommend Flightfield Drone Services, LLC for all of your drone and inspection needs."

Clay A. Anderson / Owner / Dakota Law Firm, Prof. L.L.C.

& American Land Agency, L.L.C.

Clay A. Anderson

"David went through our property with a fine-tooth comb. He is very organized, thorough, and knowledgeable. He took the time to discuss needed repairs or improvements. Printable report, of our pre-listing inspection, is very helpful."

JoAnn F. / South Dakota

"We were very happy with the service provided by Flightfield Drone Services. They responded very quickly and professionally."

Kim L. / Iowa

Glennis Zarecky.png

"We asked FDS to provide us with aerial photos of our developments so folks could see the beautiful lots available in Highlands Ridge and Brookstone Addition in northeast Pierre. Dave did a fantastice job with multiple shots of the area from different angles. The timeliness was really great, and cost very reasonable. We look forward to updating our photos annually as the developments evolve. 

Glennis Zarecky / President / Midwest Construction & Development

"David was expedient but very thorough with his inspection. He was friendly and completely explained his process and his background which more than qualified him to do the job.

Sue B. / California

Mark L. / South Dakota

"Very professional and very thorough"

Erica T. / South Dakota

"Timely, efficient and professional!"

Nancee Johnson / Broker Associate / The Jake Johnson Group at Dupont Real Estate

Nancee Johnson

"David does great and thorough work! We really apprciate the detail oriented home inspection. I love the fact that he does thermal imaging as well because it really does see through walls and floors to inspect for heat or water sources!  A+"

Andrea B. / Colorado

Sandra Burns_edited_edited.jpg

"Flightfield Drone Services, LLC provides exceptional, timely, and professional drone imaging services. David has gone out of his way to work with our firm to capture high-resolution drone videos and aerial photos to meet our project needs. He is easy to work with and always delivers high quality products in a timely manner."

Sandra Burns / President-CEO / Project Solutions, Inc.

Anne S. / South Dakota

"Flightfield Drone Services, LLC, exceeds expectations and delivers quality material in a timely manner on every project, especially the 'unique' ones."

Kasey Wipf / Broker Associate / Hayden Outdoors Real Estate

Kasey Wipf.png

Derryl S. / Wisconsin

Shane K. / South Dakota

"Very professional. If anyone needs an inspection I would go with David. I'm very glad I did."

Linda H. / South Dakota

Kyler O. / Texas

Nikie L. / South Dakota

"Very thorough and pleasant. Explained things as we asked."

Dallas H. / South Dakota

"David did a great job! Also a super nice guy!"

Ben Doty / Broker Associate, Land Specialist /

Whitetail Properties Real Estate

Ben Doty.JPG

"FDS provided efficient, professional services that captured the beauty and vast expanse of my 800 acre native rangeland. The images, both photography, and drone videography were clear, precise, and captivating, providing me with a lifelong legacy keepsake. I highly recommend Flightfield Drone Services."

Trey W. / South Dakota

"I cannot speak enough amazing words about Flightfield Drone Services, LLC! I messaged David to see if his services by chance included flights for looking for lost pets/animals/livestock. I was so excited when he said he did! Due to weather, the day I inquired, we had to hold off a day....but once the weather cleared....he was here by 8:30am getting his flight ready, and flying for 3 hours! He scoured over 300+ acres (hilly acres, at that) looking for Ara, my friend's lost dog. The amount of pictures he took, blew our minds away (over 4,000, including both RGB and thermal imagery)! He searched everywhere, so very thorough and professional! The flight that he made, was so much more than what I ever would have expected! Although the search/flight came up did give us the peace of mind, that Ara was not out there....lost and in the cold February elements. I would highly recommend Flightfield Drone Services, LLC for any kind of aerial flight....whether it's with his day to day docket of Home Inspections, Thermal Inspections or Photography/Videography....keep him in mind if you ever have a pet or any kind of livestock that would heaven forbid, wander off like we had. I am forever grateful for having read an article a few month prior that stayed with me and his services! There is no way we could have concluded a search like he did, on foot with the terrain in which Ara went missing in. Thank you David for you and your business! We appreciate you and your business for all your efforts you made in looking for Ara!"

Jen H. / South Dakota

Ryan A. / South Dakota

"David helped us out in a time crunch and did a very thorough inspection of a potential home!"

Blake A. / South Dakota

Landon A. / South Dakota

Katriana J. / South Dakota

"David was great. He provided excellent communication, thorough inspection, and detailed reporting."

Evan P. / Wisconsin

"Very thorough inspection! Thank you!"

Terra F. / South Dakota

"David does a great job inspecting homes! His reports are incredibly thorough about any issues he finds and the reports are very easy to read and understand the severity of. He was able to get to us in a timely manner and willing to further discuss any issues he found. Highly recommend if looking at purchasing a home."

Katriana J. / South Dakota

Shane H. / South Dakota

Josh T. /South Dakota

Dustin O. / South Dakota

"Dave was very Thorough!"

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