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sUAS Services

At FDS, your safety and privacy are very important to us. There will never be an invasion of your privacy, or illegal flights conducted.


FDS takes several measures to ensure every flight is conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Our pilot is certified for night flights, trained in aerial inspections, a sUAS Level 1 Thermographer, a Level 1 Remote Pilot through AUVSI, and holds an OSHA 10 hour safety training card for construction.


 Pre-flight planning is a very important step to ensuring the safety of the crew, bystanders, property, and achieving successful missions. It is part of our standard operating procedure to conduct pre-flight planning before every project. Typically this happens days in advance, and usually can be done from the office. However, due to some flight urgency that is not always possible. When that is the case, pre-flight planning will happen upon arriving at the site. For these various missions a launch site is set up delineated by orange cones. This is done to keep bystanders a safe distance from the launch pad and aircraft. If these missions happen at night, the launch site is illuminated and a FAA compliant anti-collision strobe is affixed to the aircraft. All flights are conducted legally and safely. Depending on the mission, a second crew member known as a Visual Observer may be needed to assist the Pilot in Charge. This crew member is the “pilot’s eyes” when the remote controller needs to be monitored on a regular basis. This additional crew member is a critical component to the success of the mission and is 100% necessary. This use of this Visual Observer does add additional costs to these services. Our pilot also carries a handheld VHF transceiver tuned to the local Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to monitor the local air traffic at all times. These are only a few of the steps FDS takes to ensure the safety of bystanders, crew, and property.

FDS is pleased to offer several aerial services. Browse through our services and "See Your World Differently."



Exterior Residential & 

Inspection services include high-quality images for roofs, gutters, grain elevators, building envelopes, cell towers, and much more. FDS also provides thermal imaging for all of our aerial inspection services.

Real Estate

Aerial imaging and videography for real estate and insurance purposes.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring for all projects. Large and small. This incudes large scale construction of structures and infrastructure, new builds, home renovations, and more!

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Marketing and Custom Flights

FDS' aerial shots can be used for commercials, websites, presentations, social media, printed materials, and much more.

We offer custom flights to help with everything from lost livestock, to creating detailed 3D models using photogrammetry.

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