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Marketing and Custom Flights

A drones photos and videos can provide dramatic aerial views that are unmatched when compared to photos and videos taken from the ground. These aerial shots can be used for commercials, websites, presentations, social media, printed materials, and much more. This aerial footage can be a whole new marketing strategy, or added to your existing marketing to complement what you already have in place. The possibilities are almost endless when you use Flightfield Drone Services, LLC.


FDS is excited to offer custom flights. These flights can range from locating lost live stock to checking golf course irrigation and irrigated agriculture. If you can think of something you need an aerial view of in RBG or thermal, we can help!


When winter storms hit and livestock are missing, time matters. Using a vehicle or 4 wheeler to track them down is time consuming and can cause additional issues with the search. Having FDS fly your fields takes a fraction of the time it would by land. There is no need for following paths or opening gates. With our thermal sensor with 8x zoom we can see in total darkness, and to great distances to help locate livestock before it is to late. With a high powered RGB zoom lens we can identify cattle by brand, or ear tag at a great distance. The photo below is a side by side comparison of a herd of cattle approximately a half mile away. On the left is the thermal imaging and on the right is the RGB camera. These photos were taken simultaneously with the same sensor. While using this drone, owners can stay comfortable in their vehicles while viewing the flight in real time on a HDMI compatible device. 














In some cases it may be enough to simply launch the drone and ascend to a few hundred feet to locate them immediately. Depending on the weather, this drone can stay in the air for up to 40 minutes and fly at speeds up to 50 mph. Below you can see an example of the powerful zoom capabilities of this drone.

Agriculture Irrigation to Golf Course Irrigation

Using FDS for checking your irrigation systems not only saves you time, it could save you thousands of dollars in every field. This is true in everything from a section of land to an 18 hole golf course. Schedule FDS to fly your property and ensure your irrigation has full coverage of the areas you need. Farmers know how frustrating it is to pay for the electricity, fuel and water to run their irrigation, only to find that several acres are lost due to malfunctioning equipment. That does not even include the cost of the land, seed, fertilizer, etc.  Want to monitor your fields with leaving your home? We can also fly your entire field and provide a photo stitched aerial photo to monitor crop production. Stay home and view your entire field on your computer or smart device.


Grass is the determining factor for a golf course. All year long crews are maintaining the course. The health of your grass is something that can make or break your course.  With FDS flying scheduled flights in early spring, or continuously, our thermal cameras can capture were your irrigation heads are covering and where they are not. This can save thousands of dollars a year and help increase traffic when your course has lush rough, and the greenest short grass. FDS can also provide you with photo stitched aerial photos to capture an entire hole or the entire course in one photo. This can be used for maintenance, marketing, score cards, calculating areas, and much more.

Livestock Thermal & RBG side x side
Aerial Video and Photography for golf courses

Below are some examples of photo stitched aerial photos. Having FDS create these photos enables you to see large areas in a single photos.

Below is an example of a photo stitched aerial photo on the left, and a zoomed in look at the detail on the right. You can click on either photo to enlarge it in a new window and see even more detail.

Photostitched drone photography example
Photostitched drone photography Zoom Example.jpg

If you would like to discuss how FDS can help you with your marketing, or have questions about custom flights. Click on the tab below and start to "See Your World Differently."

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