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Project Monitoring

FDS offers aerial project monitoring that can do more than just document what is happening at the job site. With FDS’s stunning photos and videos, you can turn your aerial project monitoring into marketing material for your company. Get twice the bang for your buck! With a background of over 22 years as a survey crew chief for a civil engineering and architecture firm, our pilot is comfortable on all jobsites. He knows the order of operations to aid in capturing the best photos and videos for monitoring, and marketing. Safety is always at the top of the list for FDS. Our pilot has been trained though several different organizations to ensure safety on the ground and in the air. Click the tab below to see the credential page.





Using FDS’s high resolution sensors for your construction monitoring is a crucial step towards monitoring the overall site, equipment, subcontractors, and materials. Get a bird’s eye view of your site that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. With an option of real time flight monitoring from a HDMI compatible laptop or tv.  You can comfortably sit and watch the flight while making on demand requests for specific angles, close ups, and more. When using these aerial photos and videos for progress reporting you can deliver a clear picture of the progress to any investor or owner. When monitoring some projects, consistency counts. FDS’s drones have the capability to hover in the same spot to get the same photos day to day, week to week or month to month. In some cases, the data collected can be shared immediately after the flight. 


Are you planning a home renovation? After months of planning, you have everything in place for a new home addition. You have been working hard to get to this point and the contractors will be starting in a couple weeks. Give yourself some peace of mind and have FDS monitor your project. Get photos or videos on a schedule to document the progress. Be able to monitor your contractors, practices, and progress. See the progress as it happens. 

aerial video and drone photography for project monitioring and marketing

Trust FDS with your project monitoring and "See Your World Differently."

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