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Pre-Listing Inspection

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Are you thinking about putting your home up for sale? One way to get your home listed for the best price is to give you and your realtor a clear idea of the overall condition of your property. Having a Certified Professional Inspector conduct a pre-listing inspection of your home is one way to help you get the highest market value in your area.  Having a clear picture of the homes condition not only makes it easier to price the home but minimizes the stress of worrying about potential problems that can show up during the buyer’s inspection. These issues that pop-up during the buyer’s inspection will need to be fixed before closing and could potentially end the sale all together. With a pre-listing inspection performed by FDS you can make any repairs ahead of time and relax during the selling process. Not only can you relax knowing you had a thorough home inspection, but when you hand the buyer a home inspection report, they can feel more confident in their investment. Talk to your agent about getting a pre-listing inspection and they will more than likely agree it is a great idea. It not only makes their job easier, but it also makes the whole process run smoother.

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